ANN: NLog 1.0 has been released

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ANN: NLog 1.0 has been released

Jarek Kowalski
NLog 1.0 has been released.!

After 2 years of work, we're proud to announce the availability of NLog 1.0.
 NLog is a logging library designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind.
 See for more information about NLog.

Source, binary packages and installer packages are available for download

Tutorial and reference documentation are available at:

The following people have contributed to NLog by submitting code
or bug reports:

    * Jaroslaw Kowalski <jaak at jkowalski dot net>
    * Marcin Krupinski <yoszek at gmail dot com>
    * Inez Korczynski <korczynski at gmail dot com>
    * Rafal Gwizdala <gwrafal at poczta dot onet dot pl>
    * Yuri Mamrukov <yvm at att dot net>
    * Maciej Figatowski <mfigatow at sav dot net>
    * Perry Rapp <lifelines_3_0_18 at hotmail dot com>
    * Maarten Claes <m.claes at farcourier dot com>

The focus of this release is future compatibility. Code has been added to
ensure that the development of NLog will progress without breaking
existing code. The following paragraphs describe changes that made
after 1.0 RC1 release.

Breaking API changes:

    * Added NLog.ILayout which Layout implements to allow other layout
      (such as CSV-escaped, HTML-colored, XML-escaped, ANSI-colored) to
      be implemented.
    * NLog.Layout became sealed.
    * FileTarget.KeepFileOpen is back to the default of false. we now have
      <default-target-parameters /> so this default can be easily
    * Added NLog.TargetWithLayout, removed Layout and CompiledLayout
      from NLog.Target
    * Removed CSVFile target, converted examples to File + CsvLayout
    * Removed LogEventInfo.Empty and replaced with
    * Changed the default value of FileTarget.OpenFileCacheTimeout to -1

Packaging changes:

    * Added publisher policy generation and established NLog versioning
      policy. See for more information
      NLog versioning policy.
    * Build number is synchronized with SVN number.
    * Added VJSharp and Web item templates. Updated the installer to
      VWD Express 2005.
    * Synchronized Visual Studio solutions to source code directories. Now
      part of the build process.
    * New NLog.Benchmark that uses code generation and compilation to
      more "clean" environment.

Changes to the logging infrastructure:

    * Added <targets><default-target-parametes /></targets> that specifies
      default values for all targets in the section
    * Added Initialize() and Close() to the LayoutRender class
    * Added optimized CurrentTimeGetter which is way faster than
    * Fixed LayoutRenderer.ApplyPadding() null handling
    * Added infrastructure to create your own logger types inheriting
      from Logger:

      LogManager.GetLogger(string name, Type type)
      LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger(Type type)
      LogFactory.GetLogger(string name, Type type)
      LogFactory.GetCurrentClassLogger(Type type)

    * Added PopulateLayouts() method to ILayout
    * Added ${event-context} layout renderer that extracts information from
    * Added LogManager<LoggerType> that manages logger instances of
      LoggerType where LoggerType : Logger
    * Added support for nested layout renderers. Used in ${file-contents}:


    * Added support for DEFAULT nested layout parameters. You can now write:


    * Added pluggable layouts (CSV, Log4JXml), LayoutFactory and
      LayoutAttribute. The syntax is:

      <target xsi:type="File">
        <layout xsi:type="CSVLayout">
          <column name="message" layout="${message}"/>
          <column name="level" layout="${level}"/>

      Of course the old syntax is still supported for simple layouts:

      <target xsi:type="File" layout="${message}"/>

    * Added ILayoutWithHeaderAndFooter for layouts that support
      header/footer (such as CSV Layout, more to come)
    * Enhanced XSD Schema generation by properly generating abstract
      and layout properties.
    * Added FilterResult.IgnoreFinal and FilterResult.LogFinala which
      suppress processing of further rules if the filter matches.
    * Added NLogConfigurationException which is thrown instead of CLR
      exceptions when the configuration fails
    * Simplified XmlLoggingConfiguration by splitting large methods and
      moving common functionality to PropertyHelper
    * Added [DefaultParameter] attribute which allows for nameless
      parameters to layout renderers:


    * Moved the implementation of LogManager to a reusable LogFactory while
      maintaining its public interface. You can now easily have a private
      LogManager for an assembly.

New additions:

    * Added MaxMessageSize (default: 65000) and OnOverflow (default:Split)
      to the Network target
    * Implemented headers and footers for the File target. CAUTION NLog
      automatically writes footers for files that have not been written
      for 2 days (48 hours). This is done do conserve memory for
      long-running processes that create lots of log files.
    * Enabled DatabaseTarget.ConnectionString to include layouts.
    * Added eventID and categoryID parameters to EventLog targets.
    * Added ${file-contents} layout renderer which inserts file contents.
    * Added MailTarget.AddNewLines to insert new lines between
    * Added FormControl target that logs to Text property of
      any Windows.Forms.Control
    * Added RichTextBox target with row- and word coloring that
      logs to RichTextBox
    * Added ${tempdir} and ${specialfolder}
    * Added ${gc} which can be used to get the GC statistics (very limited)
    * Added ${processinfo} which can be used to extract the performance
      information about the current process (possibly others in the
      future as well)
    * Added ImpersonatingWrapper which temporarily changes the credentials
      for the duration of the write.
    * Added NLog_Init() and NLog_InitLocal() APIs to NLogC

Bug fixes:

    * Fixed File target for Windows 98
    * Fixed Network target to work properly with IPV6
    * Changed RichTextBox Target to be thread safe. Uses delegate to log
      to RichTextBox

Documentation updates:

    * Added examples of inheriting from Logger class and wrapping it
    * Added missing code documentation
    * Added example ${rot13} layout renderer - that demonstrates how wrapper
      layout renderers can be written.
    * Added proper camelCasing to the web build process
    * Fix for multiple email addresses being passed in To,CC and BCC fields
      under .NET 2.0 (reported by Pawel Parzychowski)

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