Call for Configs (NLog working examples)

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Call for Configs (NLog working examples)

Jarek Kowalski

I'd like to prepare a set of examples for NLog to be shipped with the 0.95

My idea is to have a single, working configuration file for each NLog
feature (target, layout renderer, filter and so on). Ideally each config
file should have a programmatic configuration example which achieves the
same or similar result.

Can someone help me with the task by creating and testing minimal and/or
more sophisticated examples? Ideally this would involve modifying source
code to include the examples in <summary> and <examples> sections of a class
documentation as in this example:

The files referenced in the source code comments are placed here:

This ensures that the documentation will be included in the generated
webste. To build the docs, just type "nant website".

SVN commit access is available on request.

Jaroslaw Kowalski 

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