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Fatatl execution error

Running 3.5 client profile WPF application with 2 appdomains, rarely upon normal user exit, the application crashes, and I get the following error (while debugging with VS2010)

This time however, was this info:

Unflagged > 4936 2 Worker Thread <No Name>        NLog.Config.LoggingConfiguration.Close() Highest
  NLog.dll!NLog.Config.LoggingConfiguration.Close() + 0xd2 bytes
  NLog.dll!NLog.LogFactory.Configuration.set(NLog.Config.LoggingConfiguration value) + 0x103 bytes
  NLog.dll!NLog.LogManager.Configuration.set(NLog.Config.LoggingConfiguration value) + 0x26 bytes
  NLog.dll!NLog.LogManager.TurnOffLogging(object sender, System.EventArgs args) + 0x3d bytes

I could not found any info about this stack trace.

Can you help me understand the source of the problem?