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HELP REQUESTS - Details please!!

Jason LaFlair
In nine times out of ten issues are with how people are setting up their configuration with NLog.  There are cases where people's Kung-Fu takes it's use to the next level, but seems like it always comes down to the config.

So......   Just few tips that can help expedite your "help" requests

1) Please post your config file(s).
2) Specify which version of NLog you are using (1.0/2.0)
3) Specify which framework of NLog you are using (.Net Framework, Compact Framework, Silverlight, Windows Phone, Mono)
4) Then give the problem details, some info on the host application, etc.

Also, just as an additional note - just because your post doesn't get an answer, doesn't mean the forum is dead.  If someone knows the answer they will/should help out.

And last but not least, NLog is an open source project (thank you Jarek) - so don't hesitate to download the source and browse around.  Worse thing that could happen is you learn something new

Hope this helps and happy logging!!