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Log-Entries are lost


we have the issue that some log-entries are not written to the log-file, when we use the asyncWrapper. As soon as we remove the wrapper and use the logger directly, all logs are written.

Is this normal behavior? I did not yet start to check the internal logs of nLog, but will do so if this behavior is not normal.

The relevant part of our web.nlog-file:
<target name="asyncFileAll" xsi:type="AsyncWrapper" queueLimit="5000" overflowAction="Block">
        <target name="fileAll" xsi:type="File" layout="${aspnet-sessionid} ${longdate} ${level} ${logger}: ${message} ${exception:format=tostring}" fileName="${basedir}/../logs/All${shortdate}.log" />

No, we did not break the queueLimit. The issue came up on a test-system that had to write about 20 entries over a period of two minutes.

Thank you for any advice!