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NLog-20060707 attempt

amores perros
I decided to back up and try snapshot NLog-20060707

Here are the two errors I got opening it -- not sure if they are
just configuration stuff (maybe Visual Studio 2005 Express
is not supported for NLog?)

**** Error message box:

Solution folders are not supported in this version of Visual Studio.
Solution folder 'Solution Items' will be displayed as unavailable.

**** Error message box:

The application for project
'...NLog-20060707\src\NLogC\NLogC-net-2.0.vcproj' is not installed.

Make sure the application for the project type (.vcproj) is installed.


Compilation appeared to work.

I got one warning:

Warning 1 Use command line option '/keyfile' or appropriate project settings
instead of
'AssemblyKeyFile' ...\NLog-20060707\src\NLog.ComInterop\AssemblySign.cs 39 12 NLog.ComInterop-net-2.0

and one error that I think is post-build:

Error 2 Cannot register assembly
"...\NLog-20060707\src\NLog.ComInterop\bin\Debug\NLog.ComInterop.dll" -
access denied. Access to the registry key 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\NLog.Logger' is
denied. NLog.ComInterop-net-2.0

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