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amores perros
I just found a nightly release, and tried building it
with Visual Studio .NET 2005 Express Edition.

I get different file errors than I had with the RC1 release:


------ Build started: Project: NLog, Configuration: Debug .NET ------

Preparing resources...
Updating references...
Performing main compilation...
error CS1504: Source file
could not be opened ('El sistema no puede hallar el archivo especificado. ')

Build complete -- 1 errors, 0 warnings
Building satellite assemblies...
Satellite assemblies could not be built because the main project output is

Note: I was opening the NLog.sln solution.
I'll proceed to try the "NLog-net-2.0.sln" solution, but I still report
the above one, because the file reported above is indeed missing
from the source zip -- the source zip has three network senders:
NetworkSender.cs, TcpNetworkSender.cs, and UdpNetworkSender.cs.

I notice that the RC-1 source actually has that missing file listed above.

I hope this is in someway helpful.

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