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Mark Sironi

I have just finished going through my code and replacing my own logging code with NLog in some of my infrastructure code for the next release of a software project I run (  I have a few comments I would like to pass along.


It would be nice if the Logger.XXXException methods had an overload that allowed for formatting the output message, i.e.:


void XXXException(Exception e, string format, params object[] args);


I had this in my own logging code and going through all of the places where I caught exceptions and effectively changing 1 line of code (the log entry) into 2 (1 to build the string and 1 to log it) was mildly annoying.


My product has many assemblies, ideally I would like to keep NLog references out of all of them but 1; isolating the NLog code behind my own wrapper to minimize the impact of any changes made to NLog and to allow migration to some other logging system if it ever became more appropriate.  The problem with doing that as the code is now constructed is the stack tracing, my log wrapper class would always show up as the type that generated the logging statement.


What would be really nice is if the LogManager provided a factory method like the following:


Logger GetLogger(string name, Type wrapperType);


Where wrapperType would be the type of the class used to wrap NLog.  This would have to be pushed down to the Logger type, and it would need to ignore both its type and this type when performing the stack trace.


This would allow someone to wrap NLog to isolate it yet still provide the correct signature information for the log entry.


A suggestion I would make (although it doesn't really matter in the short term) would be to place all of the logging business logic into an interface and change the LogManager to return interface references instead of object references.  This would open the door to all sorts of possibilities in the future.


I do have to say I am very impressed with the configuration, it is both simple and powerful and was one of the primary factors in my decision to switch to NLog.


Thanks for reading,



Mark Sironi