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Jarek Kowalski
See this post for the quick comparison of log4net and NLog:
The "one binary distribution" is not true anymore. Starting with 1.0, there will be platform-specific distributions. A preview is available here:
A preview of the new tutorial that will be deployed when 1.0 ships is here:
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Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 7:13 AM
Subject: Re: Introducing NetLogClient 2.0 (Ripsaw)

Thanks; I'll add the configuration details for NLog to the documentation (when I get around to writing it :-) ).

Could you point me to more information about log4net allowing you to define your own custom logging levels?  This might be tricky to handle and is likely something for the 2.1 version or later.  I think I can add support for TRACE in the next 2.0 beta pretty easily.  I just don't know how to test it.  For log4net I have a little test app (LogChatter) that's simply a console app with a timer that emits log events.  Maybe I need to add NLog to it.  Hhmmm...

I watched the shockwave for NLogViewer.  Nice; We seem to have some interface concepts in common.  Perhaps we should team up.  I plan on adding tabs but I am not sure what's the most intuitive way to do it.  So many features, so little time! :-)

So, I am curious; why another logging framework?  I looked at NLog's website and didn't see a direct answer.  Don't get me wrong, I love choices and am glad to see an alternative to log4net.  It just seems like an awful lot of work with only a small payoff.  (Of course, if you are like I am, half of the reason may be that you simply love to code).

Thanks so much for the feedback; I look forward to your reply.


Jaroslaw Kowalski wrote:
I'd like to let you know that your program works with NLog (, too:
All you need to do is use this config file:
    <nlog autoReload="true"
            <target name="n" xsi:type="Network"
            <logger name="MyNameSpace.*" minlevel="Trace" writeTo="n" />
There is a minor issue, since NLog has additional log level (TRACE, more verbose than DEBUG) and I found no way to display this in your application. In addition, log4net allows for defining additional log levels, so I think the same problem may apply.
BTW. Have you seen It supports reading xml-formated log files and analyzing them.
BTW2. I've also started a similar project called NLogViewer. It's more or less usable, but there's been no release yet. It would be great if we could share some code and perhaps merge the projects, since I've got no "resources" to actively develop it.
See this post for more info.
There's a flash video that demonstrates this:
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Sent: Monday, June 12, 2006 5:16 AM
Subject: Introducing NetLogClient 2.0 (Ripsaw)

I hope this isn't off-topic;  I think it is relevant, if not, please excuse me.

NetLogClient 2.0 beta 3 has just been released.  It is an open source UDP log event viewer written in C# 2.0.  This application should be suitable for use with Apache's log4j or  log4net logging frameworks.  (log4net must be version 1.2.10 or higher).

Any feedback on it would be most appreciated.  Just leave feedback at the forums on the project page.

Thanks so much for log4net!  I use it often and appreciate all of the hard work that makes a product as great as this!


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